These products require the utilization of a vast array of system components and programming tools including:

  • Sensors (temperature, pressure, relative humidity, light, motion, meters including electrical, gas, and water)
  • Software including: EC-NET AX Workbench, web development tools, Flash, and Java
  • Lighting control products
  • Valves and damper actuators
  • OEM products with open protocol technologies including BACnet, LON and Modbus.


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[tab title=”Tridium”]Tridium is the global leader in open platforms, application software frameworks, automation infrastructure technology, energy management and device-to-enterprise integration solutions. Our technology and applications have fundamentally changed the way devices and systems connect, integrate and interoperate with each other and the enterprise.
Synergetic Systems is staffed with certified Tridium integrators.


[tab title=”Distech”]A global leader in building and energy management solutions, Distech Controls provides a complete solution for commercial, institutional, and government portfolios, integrating HVAC, Lighting, Access Control and CCTV, and Energy Management solutions. Distech Controls offers leading-edge technology for energy efficiency and comfort, and provides innovative solutions that lower installation and maintenance costs.

Distech is an open protocol line using BACnet, LonMark protocols and others.








[tab title=”Veris Industries”]Veris Industries, Located in Portland Oregon, is a market focused, customer service oriented, leading supplier of energy and environmental sensors and control peripherals for Commercial HVAC and Energy Management applications.

The company was founded in 1992 with a single product (the Hawkeye Current Switch) and a vision to become the leading supplier of sensors and peripherals to HVAC controls contractors. To accomplish this task a customer-centric, direct to market business model, and a high performance, results oriented culture were developed. Many years later the business model and culture are as strong as ever, and Veris is now recognized as the leading supplier of energy and environmental sensors to HVAC Control and Energy Management solutions providers.


[tab title=”Ywire”]The Five Series™ Lighting Control System is the most cost effective networked control platform ever. At the heart resides our Broadband over Powerline (BPL) technology that delivers network speeds of up to 200 Mbps. In an industry accustomed to device level speeds of around 78 kbps the Five Series™ is a quantum leap forward.

In a physical sense, the patent pending Five Series™ will fundamentally change commercial lighting control from an installed cost perspective. Our ability to communicate over a building’s existing electrical infrastructure means that installation of the system is as simple as replacing one light switch with another. Easy installation coupled with distributed intelligence results in labor and material savings that could reach 50% to 80% when compared with traditional centralized solutions.

The Five Series™ re-uses existing infrastructures while delivering a technically superior energy conservation solution.