Founded in 2008 Synergetic Systems is passionate about providing outstanding service, to our customers in Government, Commercial, and Industrial buildings. Our customers include Building Owners, Engineers and Contractors involved in the operation, design or construction of buildings. We strive to foster a professional, friendly relationship with our customers with the belief that our efforts result in a friendly environment to conduct business and that a Synergy develops as a result of these relationships. Our business focuses on Building Automation Systems Design, Building Automation Systems Design Consulting, Programming, Systems Integration, Commissioning, Re-commissioning and deployment of various control products including:

  • Distech EC-NET AX and EC-Boss Java Application Control Engine (JACE)
  • Distech EC-NET AX EnerVue
  • Distech EC-Light Lighting Control
  • Distech LON and BACnet programmable controllers
  • Distech EC-NET AX Security
  • Veris sensors and power monitoring

Our staff is comprised of certified Integrators who are experienced in development and deployment of the vast array of products and Distech AX software products. This software enables facilities managers, energy service companies, and systems integrators to integrate proprietary and otherwise incompatible products into a unified enterprise solution, allowing anyone using a standard web browser to measure, manage, and control a wide variety of facilities and energy applications from anywhere in the world. The Distech suite of software products provide powerful tools that easily interface with facility information management products and other smart devices using common Building Automation Protocols and open Data Base architectures. For example, maintenance related events, such as mechanical system failure, maintenance runtime; maintenance actions (dirty filter) events can trigger a work order to the appropriate department via a work order system software product. Once the maintenance action is completed the event is reset and monitored for subsequent events. Real time energy monitoring and control demand vendor neutral integration capabilities and system interoperability. Distech suite of products enable real time measurement and control of energy demand and usage while providing multiple methods for determining energy inefficiencies at single or multiple sites and the ability to perform enterprise wide comparisons and rankings to locate and isolate inefficient operations and target energy savings opportunities. These tools allow the performance of various types of scenario reporting coupled with the ability to normalize the data so the rankings are accurate. We are uniquely positioned to :

  • Preserve existing investments in control and monitoring devices and integrating them with new standards-based technologies.
  • Provide access and control the many diverse building systems through a standard web browser.
  • Multiple paybacks in the form of performance efficiencies reduced capital and operational expenses, and greater returns.